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My Vocabulary - How does it work?
My Vocabulary - How does it work?
Updated over a week ago

We have developed an additional feature - a vocabulary where words and phrases learned in lessons are collected.

Now you can not only quickly find words but also easily and conveniently review the material you've learned.

Thanks to the vocabulary, you have:

  1. Convenient access:

    📱The 'My Vocabulary' feature is available in the student's personal account, making it easy to use.

  2. Gathering words from all lessons:

    📚Automatically adds words and phrases from each completed lesson to each student's personal vocabulary.

  3. Practice using words:

    🗣Provides the opportunity to use words in sentences or context, helping students reinforce new vocabulary.

  4. Pronunciation of words and phrases:

    🔊Provides the ability to play the pronunciation of each word so that students can learn English pronunciation correctly.

    How to open the vocabulary?

Please note that access to the vocabulary will open only after you have successfully completed one paid lesson!

To do this, it's enough to have the All Right app at hand.

If you don't have our app, you can install it using the links below. You just need to select the operating system of your smartphone.

Access to the vocabulary will be displayed on the main page. You can enter it and review all the learned words from the lesson.

Words are listed in alphabetical order, so the child can easily find them in the list of all the words already learned in the lessons.

Learn English easily with me!

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